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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Something looking over a city. This one is from Cyber Team in Akihabara. I missed it on YHJ :( High
Wait, thats not a cel! Medium
characters around the house
Getting dressed. Medium
Playing video games (GTO). Medium
Relaxing on the couch, maybe watching TV. Medium
Taking shoes off as they enter their house. Medium
Working on the computer. Medium
Armitage the Third
Final battle Naomi. Will Give Kidney
Naomi alone, reflecting. Very High
Memory bank, with circuits etc. High
Something showing the downtown area. High
Full body shot of Naomi showing she is a robot. Medium
Ross carrying damaged Naomi. Medium
Neon Genesis Evangelion
A perfect cel of Rei. High
Yu Yu Hakusho
Boton in her pink kimono, eyes open, preferably flying on her oar.eXTReMe Tracker Low

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