"The net is vast and limitless" - Kusanagi, Ghost in the Shell

Link of the Day Randomness

Tetris Grandmaster
- Watch a grandmaster at work. Wikipedia has an explanation of the 20G mode in this video. Yes, this is for real.

Anime News and Reviews

Anime News Network
- All that is anime.

AnimeOnDVD - Has that homegrown feel. I like the multiple reviews per title.

Cel Galleries

Absolutely Magical
- Amazing Ah My Goddess collection and some other gems.

Gabe's Ruin - Mindblowing Ah My Goddess and Iria collection.

Everyday Anime - A.K.A. Acetate Addiction

Felicity-chan's Oasis - Great collection of Gunnm and more, source of some of my very first cels.

FETISH4MINX - Fellow Armitage III collector and a very cool person. Quite a collection!

marzCelection - Great cels and site.

S.H.O.M.A. w/glasses - Ooooh, look at all the Rei fan cels.


- Hosts rallies like the Cannonball!

All-Ett - Incredibly thin wallets. Stop sitting sideways.

The Electric Bike Network - Electric bikes. Get exercise... or not.

Firefox Extensions - Enhance your browsing experience with Firefox and its extensions.

Tab Mix Plus
- Extreme tab preferences!

AdblockPlus - Blocks all those annoying ads! Beautiful.

Download Statusbar - View and manage downloads in a statusbar instead of the Downloads window. Less clutter and has nice options.

DownThemAll - Download every file on a page with just a few clicks. Has filters for pictures, videos, etc. Use the Links tab to get subdirectories.

Image Zoom - Zoom images with your mouse. While holding the right button on an image, use your wheel to resize, or click another button to reset or maximize it.

JavaScript Options - Advanced JavaScript options such as not allowing sites to move or resize existing windows. I find that pretty annoying.

OpenSelectedLinks - Opens highlighted links, either text or html. Useful for opening web addresses that arent actually links, or multiple links in paragraphs etc.

TinyURL Creator - Create a tiny URL very quickly. Useful for when you want to IM someone an obcenely long link.

Yet Another Window Resizer - Resize the browser window to various sizes. Useful for seeing how your website looks on other monitors or just quickly resizing to watch a video off to the side while being able to switch back to your exact custom size.


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