Me? I'm just a guy that loves anime, Japanese drama/movies, video games, and writing software.

Cels? To me, cels are like slices of life... that other life that I live when I'm absorbed in anime. Having them makes me feel closer to that world and allows me to relive those experiences or reflect on my own emotions.

Anime? I watch a wide variety from ultra violent to ultra kawaii but I'm partial to futuristic/cyberpunk. Recent favorites are Neon Genesis Evangelion (yes, again! I really need to get the Platinum Edition...) and Golden Boy. While not exactly anime, I love the Adult Swim shows such as Home Movies and Aqua Teen Hungerforce.

Japanese drama/movies? I recently discovered my love for this after watching Ai no Uta and a few others. Great stuff!

Software? It's what I do for a living and for fun. Please don't ask me to fix your computer :p

Games? I play old and new, from text based adventures to Street Fighter to Armored Core to Battlefield 2142 to various Real Time Strategy games such as Star Trek Armada 2.

Text based you say? People do still make these! These games are like books in that you use your imagination, which can make for an experience unsurpassed by any current technology.

I basically lived in front of various Street Fighter II machines for several years of my teenage life until I got a girlfriend and learned a different game ;) To this day I still play the classic Hyper Fighting and I'm learning 3rd Strike. And yeah, there's nothing like a good joystick :)

Armored Core was truly a passion of mine. The first game was mezmerizing cyberpunk greatness which left me with a feeling that I will never forget... I stand alone in my giant robot that I built, with its finite supply of weapons, energy, and armor, I will destroy the opposition and complete this mission... It puts me in that mental "zone" much like when racing an automobile but it's more complex. There is so much to keep track of that I can feel my brain being split between resources and I feel my human limits, but at the same time the robot feels like an extension of my own body. Currently I don't play much but I used to go to great lengths just to compete with other humans, driving 300 miles at the drop of a hat.

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